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How to Install an Under-Counter Wine Cooler

A wine cooler is one of the basic necessities of a wine lover. Wines require a proper temperature to allow them to mature for the perfect taste required at the perfect time. You find three things in the market when looking for wine storage:

  • Wine Cooler: small portable units to store wine that use thermo-electric technology.
  • Wine Refrigerator: compression-based units that keep wine at a specific temperature.
  • Wine Cellar: a larger version of the refrigerator that comprises of a whole room.

Wine coolers and refrigerators are terms that are used interchangeably because with modern versions, they are more or less the same.

Wine coolers are famous for their compact size. You don’t need a lot of space to install the a wine cooler. They can be thrown in the cupboard for a while when not in use. They can be carried around to a friend’s place if they fall short of wine.

One of the most practical places to install a wine cooler is under the counter.  This way no extra space is blocked and you get all the functions of a wine cooler inside your counter. You can also take a swig from the bottle working in the kitchen when no one’s looking.

Following things must be kept in mind when installing an under-the-counter wine cooler:


This is the most important step when looking to buy anything for your house. You have to be very accurate with this as something too small rattles all the time while something too big simply goes to waste most of the times. The standard counter top is 34 ½ inches tall and the cooler should be a little less than this height in order to fit properly.

Next comes the width of the cooler. Built-in wine coolers come in a variety of sizes and you must choose according to the available space. They also come in different brands and hence different prices; giving you a variety to choose from. You have to be careful to get the right width that suits both your space and your thirst for wine.

Most practical location

You can have several cabinets in your kitchen that have the same space. That doesn’t mean that you can put it anywhere you want to. You have to find the most practical place for its installation. Practical means that firstly there should be enough room for the door to open and close freely. If your door gets stuck each time you open it, it will soon either stop opening or stop closing.

The most important factor besides the space is your entertaining place. If you entertain guests regularly in your living room then the cooler belongs there. If you have dinners at the table in the kitchen then the kitchen cabinet is the optimal place. You have to think about your guests and your convenience when installing these in your cabinet.


Ventilation is one of the most crucial things to take care of when installing anything electric. This is because everything dissipates heat and heat needs to be released into the surroundings. If it doesn’t find enough space to leave, then it destroys not only that equipment but also some surrounding things too.

Wine coolers come in two categories: front ventilation and side ventilation.  You have to first examine your own place to see which ventilation suits you. Front ventilation saves you from a lot of potential hazards too. Side ventilation will also benefit you if you have space which allows side ventilation.


The wine cooler will obviously need power to run and you have to ensure that there is electricity supply where you want to install it. If the outlet is far from the counter then you have to first arrange heavy duty cables then find a way to make the connection in the best non-intrusive way you can. Using cheap cables can result in frayed wires really soon and these might not power the cooler properly either. Improper power supply can severely damage the cooler. Be careful to keep all cables and outlets away from water and moisture. Also, try to make no connections in the same outlet as the cooler as that might result in overloading at times.

Install a counter top wine cooler and get ready for the best wine, inhouse!

How to Taste Wine and Develop your Palate

Whether you’re partying on the weekend or having a romantic dinner with your loved one, wine is an essential part of the evening. However, it may become awkward if you’re not a fan of wine and haven’t developed a taste for it.

Guess what, there are a few ways to naturally develop palate for wine and not be socially awkward. Read the following and be a casual wine drinker among friends and family:

1. Sight

In order to understand wine, it is important to visualize the drink, understand its existence and sip in the beverage like a unique sensation. There are several things that need to be considered before sipping this beverage. These things include the color, the viscosity and the opacity of the wine.

Don’t worry, visualizing and understanding the drink takes less than 10 seconds altogether. All these considerations can be encountered within this time frame if you understand them well. The beverage is on a neutral scale for all these measures.

2. Smell

Smelling wine is the first way of enriching your palate with wine flavors. The combination of herbs and fruits produce an aroma which is unique and pleasurable for the senses. Not only will your palate be enriched but the taste buds will enjoy feeling a sensation so enticing.

Whenever you pick up a wine glass, smell the drink and let it settle in your olfactory senses. Enjoy a rush of flavors without even tasting the beverage! In order to ensure that the wine is fit to taste, you will feel a rush of flavors by simply inhaling the aroma. Otherwise, the wine may have gone flat.

To put it simply, the primary aromas in wine include grapes, apples and other fruits. The secondary aromas include yeast derivatives such as peanuts and almonds. The tertiary aromas are only identifiable if the wine has aged a little. These aromas are similar to those of autumn leaves, tobacco and even baked spices.

3. Taste

Finally, you get to taste the wine. In order to develop your palate for the drink, you need to understand what the taste will be like. First of all, wine is made from grapes and hence has a sour taste. The intensity of sourness is however dependent on the kind of grape used for making the wine.

Another thing to understand is the texture of the wine. The texture of wine again depends on the ingredients included in the making. However, one thing essential for all wines is the richness it has opposed to a simple water drink. The wine is more rich and has a thicker texture as opposed to juices.

4. Length

To continue developing a familiarity with wine, you will notice a much longer sensation of the drink on your taste buds even after you’ve finished your drink. The length of the wine depends on its age but it’s okay to say that commonly, the taste stays in your mouth for at least 1 hour if you do not consume anything else.

Once you’ve enjoyed keeping the sourness of grapes in your mouth, your palate will automatically be developed for wine.

5. Think

In order to fully enjoy wine and develop your palate for the drink, it is important to think about it after you’re done. Once you’ve had the drink and enjoyed its texture, you need to think about the sensation it encouraged in your mouth. Apart from ensuring a pleasurable experience, you need to think about the aftertaste of sour grapes.

Things to Look for in a Quality Pizza

Pizza is one of the most loved dishes around the world. Originated from Italy in the 18th century, there have been a lot of changes the initial recipe of this delicious and mouthwatering dish. Every culture around the world has made changes in this dish according to it. Developing from simplistic recipes, the dish has changed into a much complex and intricate snack sold around every corner.

However, there are some qualities which have been set as a standard for a good quality pizza in Rawalpindi. Some of these qualities are as follows:


The crust of the pizza is on the top of the list of things which make a pizza perfect. A dough should offer a nice crispy bite on the outside whereas the inside should be light and fluffy. This indicates that the dough was prepared properly and was given enough time to set and rise.

The crust is so important that it can make or break the entire quality of the pizza. Preparation of the dough has to be the trickiest part of making pizza. The thickness of the crust also counts. The thickness, the smoothness and the crunchiness at the same time offers nothing but perfection that melts in your mouth.

tasty pizza

Ensuring that the crust is cooked to perfection and it blends with the rest of the flavors is definitely something to look for in a good quality pizza.


The sauce should not be too heavy or dripping from the sides of the pizza. It should be evenly distributed on the dough, among the ingredients. There should be no crossing of borders on the crust of the pizza. If the sauce is not sufficient, then the pizza will be too dry. If it is not seasoned properly, then the taste of tomatoes is the only thing prominent.

The sauce can be defined as the glue which holds the pizza and its toppings together. The unique flavor in the pizza dough is due to the sauce. Too much sauce and the taste of the crust and the toppings will be ruined. There needs to be a perfect balance!


The vibrant look of the ingredients shows how fresh the toppings are. It is important that the toppings contain fresh ingredients including sufficient spices, herbs and vegetables.

There must be enough toppings on the pizza such that nothing falls from the slice. Also, it is important to understand the combination of ingredients as they play a significant role in defining the flavor of the pizza.


Before devouring the pizza, look at the cheese. The cheese should be golden and there should be tints all around it. A good pizza has a generous amount of cheese on it. The cheese should not be over loaded so that the taste of the other ingredients is lost. After all, a balance of ingredients makes the pizza a great dish.

It should have a gooey consistency because of the mozzarella and cheddar cheese added to the topping. Both types of cheese combine and offer a flavor enjoyable for everyone.

Things to Consider when Buying New Appliances

Life cannot be imagined without things that didn’t even exist for a very long time. You can see them everywhere. In your hands, in your feet, in your house, outside your house, sitting on your rack, on your roof, on your floor, anywhere you look you can find these mystical beings that were born not too long ago but have taken up most of the place in our lives today. You might have guessed what I’m pointing at: appliances. Continue reading

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