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If you are looking for amazing family fun come hang out at Dutler's Bowl in Mankato. Dutler's Bowl has been Mankato's #1 Bowling and Entertainment destination for familys, dates, leagues, and spirited bowlers of all ages. So why not throw a bowling party, generate some friendly competition, or train for the pros. At Dutler's Bowl, we are here to entertain you.



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In response to the Mankato City Council rejection:

Attached, please find the entire Findings of Fact, etc. regarding the underage incident on April 29, 2015 at Jerry Dutler’s Bowl/Rumors Lounge and the recommendation of the hearing examiner. 


To Clarify:

1.  While the cost of the hearing was paid for by Jerry Dutler’s Bowl, the mediator was the chosen by the City of Mankato.

2.  Jerry Dutler’s appeared at two meetings with the City (at her request), two council meetings and the mediation hearing without an attorney.

3.  Jerry Dutler’s was not provided a copy of the police report to read until the middle of the mediation hearing and then not given a copy.

4.  Jerry Dutler’s was prepared to abide by the unbiased mediators decision, no matter the outcome.

Jerry Dutler’s went to the mediation with time cards, videos, computer printouts, signed training documentation and individual exit interviews of the employees involved.  All of which had previously offered to the City at each meeting. None of which they accepted.

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