A wine cooler is one of the basic necessities of a wine lover. Wines require a proper temperature to allow them to mature for the perfect taste required at the perfect time. You find three things in the market when looking for wine storage:

  • Wine Cooler: small portable units to store wine that use thermo-electric technology.
  • Wine Refrigerator: compression-based units that keep wine at a specific temperature.
  • Wine Cellar: a larger version of the refrigerator that comprises of a whole room.

Wine coolers and refrigerators are terms that are used interchangeably because with modern versions, they are more or less the same.

Wine coolers are famous for their compact size. You don’t need a lot of space to install the a wine cooler. They can be thrown in the cupboard for a while when not in use. They can be carried around to a friend’s place if they fall short of wine.

One of the most practical places to install a wine cooler is under the counter.  This way no extra space is blocked and you get all the functions of a wine cooler inside your counter. You can also take a swig from the bottle working in the kitchen when no one’s looking.

Following things must be kept in mind when installing an under-the-counter wine cooler:


This is the most important step when looking to buy anything for your house. You have to be very accurate with this as something too small rattles all the time while something too big simply goes to waste most of the times. The standard counter top is 34 ½ inches tall and the cooler should be a little less than this height in order to fit properly.

Next comes the width of the cooler. Built-in wine coolers come in a variety of sizes and you must choose according to the available space. They also come in different brands and hence different prices; giving you a variety to choose from. You have to be careful to get the right width that suits both your space and your thirst for wine.

Most practical location

You can have several cabinets in your kitchen that have the same space. That doesn’t mean that you can put it anywhere you want to. You have to find the most practical place for its installation. Practical means that firstly there should be enough room for the door to open and close freely. If your door gets stuck each time you open it, it will soon either stop opening or stop closing.

The most important factor besides the space is your entertaining place. If you entertain guests regularly in your living room then the cooler belongs there. If you have dinners at the table in the kitchen then the kitchen cabinet is the optimal place. You have to think about your guests and your convenience when installing these in your cabinet.


Ventilation is one of the most crucial things to take care of when installing anything electric. This is because everything dissipates heat and heat needs to be released into the surroundings. If it doesn’t find enough space to leave, then it destroys not only that equipment but also some surrounding things too.

Wine coolers come in two categories: front ventilation and side ventilation.  You have to first examine your own place to see which ventilation suits you. Front ventilation saves you from a lot of potential hazards too. Side ventilation will also benefit you if you have space which allows side ventilation.


The wine cooler will obviously need power to run and you have to ensure that there is electricity supply where you want to install it. If the outlet is far from the counter then you have to first arrange heavy duty cables then find a way to make the connection in the best non-intrusive way you can. Using cheap cables can result in frayed wires really soon and these might not power the cooler properly either. Improper power supply can severely damage the cooler. Be careful to keep all cables and outlets away from water and moisture. Also, try to make no connections in the same outlet as the cooler as that might result in overloading at times.

Install a counter top wine cooler and get ready for the best wine, inhouse!