Pizza is one of the most loved dishes around the world. Originated from Italy in the 18th century, there have been a lot of changes the initial recipe of this delicious and mouthwatering dish. Every culture around the world has made changes in this dish according to it. Developing from simplistic recipes, the dish has changed into a much complex and intricate snack sold around every corner.

However, there are some qualities which have been set as a standard for a good quality pizza in Rawalpindi. Some of these qualities are as follows:


The crust of the pizza is on the top of the list of things which make a pizza perfect. A dough should offer a nice crispy bite on the outside whereas the inside should be light and fluffy. This indicates that the dough was prepared properly and was given enough time to set and rise.

The crust is so important that it can make or break the entire quality of the pizza. Preparation of the dough has to be the trickiest part of making pizza. The thickness of the crust also counts. The thickness, the smoothness and the crunchiness at the same time offers nothing but perfection that melts in your mouth.

tasty pizza

Ensuring that the crust is cooked to perfection and it blends with the rest of the flavors is definitely something to look for in a good quality pizza.


The sauce should not be too heavy or dripping from the sides of the pizza. It should be evenly distributed on the dough, among the ingredients. There should be no crossing of borders on the crust of the pizza. If the sauce is not sufficient, then the pizza will be too dry. If it is not seasoned properly, then the taste of tomatoes is the only thing prominent.

The sauce can be defined as the glue which holds the pizza and its toppings together. The unique flavor in the pizza dough is due to the sauce. Too much sauce and the taste of the crust and the toppings will be ruined. There needs to be a perfect balance!


The vibrant look of the ingredients shows how fresh the toppings are. It is important that the toppings contain fresh ingredients including sufficient spices, herbs and vegetables.

There must be enough toppings on the pizza such that nothing falls from the slice. Also, it is important to understand the combination of ingredients as they play a significant role in defining the flavor of the pizza.


Before devouring the pizza, look at the cheese. The cheese should be golden and there should be tints all around it. A good pizza has a generous amount of cheese on it. The cheese should not be over loaded so that the taste of the other ingredients is lost. After all, a balance of ingredients makes the pizza a great dish.

It should have a gooey consistency because of the mozzarella and cheddar cheese added to the topping. Both types of cheese combine and offer a flavor enjoyable for everyone.